Today is flash blog day. People with Autism were asked to complete the phrase “autistic people should…” in response to the current Google search auto-completes for this phrase. 

Brace yourself, its disturbing.

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So I asked The Boy to complete this sentence, ‘Autistic people should…’ and his responses were

  • make good choices
  • think positive
  • work hard
  • be brave, bold and smart

Then I asked him to complete this sentence, ‘All people should…’

  • work hard
  • be mature
  • be honest
  • be brave, bold and smart

Then he said,”If they choose to, I don’t think you should force anyone to be anything other than what they are.”

So as the parent of a person with Autism, I say ‘Autistic people should…’

  • be tolerant

some day the rest of the world will catch up.

If you are interested in reading other responses you can find the Autistic People Should flashblog here or on Yes, that too on Facebook here.